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Two Moons


Add SF to BDSM and discover Two Moons. A new world with new limits.

"Finally! What an awesome 4-star read. Ms. Shepard has a unique ability for true character development along with inventive scenes."



Book One: Worthy of a Master


On Earth, Megan’s sex life was never satisfying. But when she finds herself willingly abducted by aliens who regard sadomasochism as a healthy social activity, she wonders if she got more than she bargained for.

Her adjustment to the kinky and sexually liberated Khyrians becomes all the more difficult when she falls for one of the spacecraft’s pilots, a professional Master with a troubled past. Struggling with fears and doubts, but spurred by her overwhelming passion, Megan will do whatever it takes to become worthy of his love.


Worthy of a Master


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Reviews for Two Moons - Book I

Charly T. Anchor, 5 April 2011 (Amazon)

A sexual submissive's dream world

- I liked that Megan isn't afraid of exercising her physical desires but that she still distinguishes between sex that matters and sex that's just for fun. She's in love with a man who wants nothing to do with her at the beginning, but she doesn't mope around, remaining celibate. She has fun with a couple of different guys, and as soon as they show signs of wanting something more, she backs off to avoid hurting them.
- I had doubts when I started reading that I would be able to truly like the Dom character, mostly because the book is told in first person and I would never be able to get inside his head. But Shepard manages to make Khiru both stern and approachable, so I loved him by the end of the story, and I loved him and Megan together even more.
- Once Megan and Khiru finally come together, there's a nice mixture of powerful BDSM scenes and romantic, gentle, loving ones.
- The fantasy/sci-fi world is well-developed and includes a lot of little details that I found unusual and intriguing. (Granted, I don't read space stories very often.) It also allows for an alien population that is much more focused on sex than most human cultures, which makes for a BDSM story that doesn't have to depict any kind of societal disapproval.
- I really liked almost all of the secondary characters. Even the ones who do stupid things later redeem themselves.

- Some of the action, especially at the beginning of the novel, occurs very quickly without much elaboration. Megan meets the aliens on page 5 and has decided to leave Earth for good by page 15. Okay, so the story simply gets going quickly, but at times I wished that I could see more of Megan's thought processes as important things happened to her and/or she made important decisions.
- Much of the exposition is intense because it reveals Megan's deepest feelings about her submissive journey. (The book reads very much like a submissive journal/blog about personal growth.) But then sometimes the author throws in a little statement that's maybe supposed to be cute or clever that I found kitschy instead. While describing an in-depth scene she's witnessing, for example, Megan says this after having explained the sub's bonds: "She was hooked, to say the least." I could have done without those corny little statements sprinkled throughout.

Overall comments: I think this book is excellent: pretty hardcore (for me) yet still incredibly romantic. I've read very few stories that depict 24-hour Master/slave relationships as opposed to D/s relationships in which the games are restricted to the bedroom. The reason I've stayed away from the more intense ones is that the complete loss of control the sub suffers tends to freak me out a little. This book does a wonderful job, though, of depicting a Master/slave relationship in which the sub gives up CONTROL to her lover but doesn't lose her PERSONALITY in the process.

By noir girl, on 9 August 2005 (Amazon)

Not just kinky sex, but plot, characterization and world building!
I grabbed this book on a recent smutty fiction shopping spree. This was the best of the books I ordered.
The basic plot is that Megan lives a humdrum life until kinky aliens (Khyrians) kidnap her and whisk her away to a planet where everyone is sexually liberated and BDSM is considered not just normal, but honorable. "Two Moons" isn't a bunch of sex scenes strung together, but instead deals with Megan's attraction to the Khyrians along with her fear and confusion. Additionally, we find out about Khyrian society without the author giving us a 2 page info-dump. I really enjoyed the characters and plot, as well as the erotic scenes.
I plan to purchase more of her books.

Submitted by Lotus "connoisseur of kink" on 26 December 2004 (Amazon)

Sexy: storyline, characters, scenes
Wow, this book was great -- combining my two favorite genres, sci-fi and kink.
An unlikely heroine, Megan, stumbles across some aliens on a secret mission to study earth. Megan just happens to be a cute gal dealing with frustrations surrounding her fantasies of being tied up, mistreated, and spanked... among other things. Intrigued by the kind demeanor of the ETs, Megan asks to accompany them (and abandon old terra firma forever).
She ends up with a lot more than she bargained for, and she couldn't be happier! It turns out the aliens are very open-minded when it comes to all things sexual, and BDSM is one of their favorite past-times, involving whips, chains, and anything which can be perverted into a toy.
The characters are rich and engaging, with fully fleshed-out (no pun intended) backgrounds, motives, and needs. The storyline is fast-paced, fun, and super-sexy. The book offers great kink scenes with the added twist of life on an alien spacecraft.
I cannot wait to get the next book! I highly recommend this one!

Submitted by "street888" on 6 February 2004 (Amazon)

Shepard is at the top of her game!

Finally! What an awesome 4-star read. Ms. Shepard has a unique ability for true character development along with inventive scenes. I was immediately pulled into the richly developed story line and could hardly put this one down! 

The "scenes" were well thought out and practical. So many books of this nature create scenes that you know cannot be possible. Along with that, they miss important details such as binding the person one way then accessing them in a way not possible given their current circumstance. I guess they think the reader is so immersed in the scene that they won't notice those blatant errors. Ms. Shepard did not do this. She kept her scenes realistic and made it easy to picture the surroundings, situation and emotions of the character.

I truly hope this author is sequestered as we speak, writing MORE!!! I am anxiously looking forward to the sequel which this book definitely deserves and hope she will be able to maintain the high standard she has set for herself with Worthy of a Master. Kudos to Chelsea Shephard and "look out" to Adrian Hunter!

Submitted by Indigo McMurphy:

"Good story, cool new world and lots of wonderful sex, bondage and romance!!"

Submitted by Wendy Miller:

Many people have the "alien abduction" fantasy, but the plot of "Two Moons" brings it to life perfectly. After reading only a few pages, I felt as though I can close my eyes and picture the characters as friends. And the bondage scenes are wonderful. Actually, I was very upset when I finished "Two Moons." I want it to go on and on and on...

Two Moons drawings by Paul Sampang

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