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Worthy of a Master, discover Megan's adventures on Khyra in :

Two Moons II :

The Freeman's Captive



"Thank heavens for someone who understands that character development and plot are essential elements of any story. "



The Freeman's Captive - paperback
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As Megan struggles to adjust to a green sky and a sexually-inventive society, she is brutally forced to confront the dark side of the planet Khyra. Kidnapped and held hostage by a determined and dangerous freeman, she must fight ruthless adversaries as well as contradicting feelings in her heart.

At a time when she needs strength and resilience, will her love for Khiru, the fierce Rhysh Master, be help or hindrance?  In Two Moons II: The Freemanís Captive, the second novel of her intergalactic adventures, Megan finds herself in a battle she didnít choose, one in which the outcome will forever change her life.

The Freeman's Captive - ebook
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Reviews for Two Moons - Book II

by Deb, April 1, 2007 (Amazon)

Wonderful Read
I enjoyed this story and glad I read it right after the first one.
Both together made the story even better.

by "bkworm", February 18, 2006 (Amazon)

I couldn't put this book down, once I started it. It is a first-rate successor to Two Moons: Worthy of A Master. Beware if BDSM shocks you. Although such scenes abound, Shepard never fails to build meaningful relationships among her characters and to characterize them, especially Megan, so that the reader really cares about them. Nor does she neglect a fascinating and tension-filled plot. The leading male character, Khiru, seems remote, but I suspect that is purposeful. The second leading male character, Kalhan, although just as dominant as Khiru, seems more like a real person with honest disappointments, doubts, and emotional attachments. Minor figures such as Leeham, the neophyte submissive, are masterfully drawn and evoke sympathy and smiles from the reader. The leading villain, Vogh, is portrayed as deeply dark and evil as possible. although Shepard fleshes out the character by revealing one weak spot in his armor (I won't tell and ruin the plot!) The structure of society on the alien planet that is the setting seems carefully and believably drawn.
Strong recommendation with the caveat mentioned above.

By G.Robinson on 25 December 2005 (Amazon)

Excellent sequel

This is a follow on to The first book Worthy of a Master. Megan gets Khiru a trained Master, but their relationship turns rockey. She is kidnaped by some folks from the free colonies for the same reason that the Global Council wants her, as a source of DNA that will let them repair the genitic damage done during the gene wars. They changed the male/female birth rate to 4 to 1 and then when the wars were over the attempt to nromalize make things much worse and left 1/2 of the couples unable to have children. (Even today genetic manipulation in this regon of the gene is known to cause secondary problems and unpredictable results.) The free areas are those who refused to submit to the Council because they objected for religious, cultural or other reasons the rule of the Council. Good plot/subplot, sex scenes, and characterization. Reminds me of Laura Antoniou at her best, but without the transsectual issues. Nicley done BDSM, Ds, and MS scenes; even if you generaly don't like this type of book I would highly recomend this one.

Submitted by Lotus "connoisseur of kink" on 30 December 2004

Shepard does not disappoint!
After reading Two Moons: Worthy of a Master (book 1), I couldn't wait to get Freeman's Captive. This book is just as witty, sexy, and well-written as the first.
Our heroine, Megan, finds herself on Khyra with her wonderful new lover, Khiru. However, not all is paradise, as Megan and Khiru come to understand that Megan will never be able to satisfy Khiru's complex needs as a Master -- a graduate of the exclusive acadamy where Dom/mes and subs are formally trained in the fine art of BDSM.
Back in book 1, Megan's disasterous incident with an irresponsible dom left her with emotional scars. She enters book 2 with all sorts of psychological baggage concerning masochism.
Meanwhile, the whole planet is looking to her DNA as the saving force that will keep Khyrians from eventually becoming extint (a result of their previous meddling with reproductive genetics).
As the wonderfully-planned plot unfolds, Megan is kidnapped by rebels who want to see free territories gain the same benefit from Megan's fertile body.
Megan steps up to every challenge, blooming into a new woman as she is forced to face her greatest fears about sex, bondage, pain, submission ... and utimately, love.
I cannot recommend this series enough, and I cannot wait for the next installment!

Submitted by Jamie Uder on 31 December 2004

I just had to write to tell you that I loved both of your Two Moons books, and I sincerely hope that you're hard at work on another installment of Megan's adventure... I'm also hoping that Rhysh turns out to be a devilishly sweet ordeal for my favorite earthling. ;) 
I've been sorely disappointed with the availability of quality writing in the world of kink. Thank heavens for someone who understands that character development and plot are essential elements of any story. I'm also indescribably pleased with the fusion of sci-fi and submission. 
I was somehow unsurprised when I discovered that "Sweet Butterfly" was one of yours; when I read Crash Your Party Dress, that one stuck out for me as being exceptionally well-written. I think your writing is far more satisfying in terms of describing the complex physical and psychological enigma that is submission.
Thank you so much for what you've published so far -- you've gained a fan!

Submitted by Fran Haynes on 24 November 2004

I wanted to write a quick note of appreciation of your wonderfully descriptive books. You have created such an interesting and detailed world. I have greatly enjoyed reading your two books and avidly am waiting for your next.  I read the second book all night long because I had to find out what happened in the end more I went to bed. Beautiful job!

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