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Once Bitten



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It isn’t easy being an evil genius. Just ask Donovan Grant, author of the Internet’s first foolproof copyright-protection software. Hollywood adores him, but he’s no hero to the millions who loved downloading free copies of their favorite TV shows. Insanely rich, or maybe just insane, he blew his royalties on a private island in the Caribbean where he pursues his not-so-private obsessions, like photographing young ladies bound in expensive leather and posting the results on his no-cost web site, exsx.org.

"The sharp, cutting edge of an airport bestseller, but this is a BDSM novel with a capital B."

But when your sexual preference is dominance, nothing less than world domination will do. With the help of a wide-eyed apprentice from Glasgow, a ganja-sucking bodyguard, a jaded hacker, and a surly cheerleader-turned-dominatrix named Sindie, Grant is getting ready to launch his revenge on everyone who thinks he’s nothing but a one-trick ponyboy who got lucky.

Like Carroll Farmer, the take-no-prisoners tech reporter with a few axes to grind, preferably on whomever’s tied to her bed tonight. Sparks (and other implements) fly when her editor/former flame sends her across the Atlantic to profile the reclusive Mr. Grant. Carroll is determined to uncover Donovan’s secrets, but events and emotions conspire to expose a few of her own, resulting in a wild ride through the dark side of dreams made real.

"A very enjoyable and arousing novel with complicated and interesting characters."

Fast, fun and funny, yet filled with heart-stopping bdsm scenes of cunning complexity, Once Bitten is erotic literature in the best sense of both words that puts the “bon!” back into bondage…where it belongs.

Copyright © 2001-2015 by Adrian Hunter and Chelsea Shepard. All rights reserved.

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