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Chelsea Shepard

A world of sensual domination and kinky romance

BDSM Fiction Novels

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"You can feel the ropes that bind, smell the leather that confines, and revel in the power of captivity"

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Worthy of a Master - cover
Two Moons I: Worthy of a Master

On Earth, Meganís sex life was never satisfying. But when she finds herself willingly abducted by aliens who regard sadomasochism as a healthy social activity, she wonders if she got more than she bargained for.

Her adjustment to the kinky and sexually liberated Khyrians becomes all the more difficult when she falls for one of the spacecraftís pilots, a professional Master with a troubled past. Struggling with fears and doubts, but spurred by her overwhelming passion, Megan will do whatever it takes to become worthy of his love.

Available in paperback and as an e-book.

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Cover illustration by Paul Sampang

The Freeman's Captive - paperback cover Two Moons II: The Freeman's Captive

As Megan struggles to adjust to a green sky and a sexually-inventive society, she is brutally forced to confront the dark side of the planet Khyra.  Kidnapped and held hostage by a determined and dangerous freeman, she must fight ruthless adversaries as well as contradicting feelings in her heart.

At a time when she needs strength and resilience, will her love for Khiru, the fierce Rhysh Master, be help or hindrance?  In Two Moons II: The Freemanís Captive, the second novel of her intergalactic adventures, Megan finds herself in a battle she didnít choose, one in which the outcome will forever change her life.

Available in paperback and as an e-book.

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Cover illustration by Paul Sampang


by Chelsea Shepard & Adrian Hunter


First published as a serial on our web site, Association explores the forbidden fantasies of a man who takes without asking, and a woman who yearns to be taken. The complete text is available free as an online e-book, an Adobe Acrobat file or a text download for easy conversion into your preferred format.

"Adrian Hunter, the master of his genre, and Chelsea Shepard, his very willing accomplice, have brought forth another masterpiece. This time, they tackle the age old tale of boy meets girl, and they do so with a flair that puts you right inside these character's heads. You can feel the ropes that bind, smell the leather that confines, and revel in the power of captivity as an innocent bondage photo shoot turns into something more sinister and yet ultimately more rewarding. Adrian and Chelsea show once again that their partnership knows no bounds in erotic bondage fiction." - Leviticus -- author, The Writings of Leviticus.

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Once Bitten

Dazzling and breathless, Once Bitten reads like a turbocharged duet between Carl Hiassen and the Marquis de Sade. Detailing the adventures of Donovan Grant, a reclusive bazillionaire with a taste for leather, and Carroll Farmer, the journalist he once loved who's been assigned to profile him, Once Bitten is a seriously-sexy caper that spans the globe in search of nice vice, twisted truths, cruel love and freedom in restraint.

"Hunter and Shepard have penned a wild, intricate and delicately plotted masterpiece here. Unlike most erotica novels, Once Bitten has a real plot to it, one that is both modern and enjoyable. The sex is dynamite, but this book is also very well-written, well-paced, and lavishly detailed. Full of explicit sex, vivid imagery and layered, believable characters, Once Bitten is a sure bet for any reader who enjoys bondage erotica." - ACJ Leveille.

New ebook cover illustration by Paul Sampang

Available in e-book and paperback.