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Copyright 2001-2015 by Adrian Hunter and Chelsea Shepard.



Sabrina Taylor definitely does not want to spend two weeks at a studio in the middle of nowhere to supervise a photo shoot for the International Fashion Council. After all, as the association's newly elected executive director, she has more important things to do. Starting with firing the chairman's nephew.

But photographer Geoffrey Sorenson is more than happy to play the gracious host. After all, the board of directors has arranged to compensate him handsomely for his efforts. Not for taking pictures, though. More like taking Sabrina Taylor out of the picture. Permanently.

Unfortunately (for her), the slave auction in Hong Kong isn't scheduled to take place for two weeks, And what better way to transform a very reluctant young lady into a compliant vassal than a rubber bit, a leather bridle and a ponygirl saddle? As Geoffrey meticulously prepares Sabrina for a life in permanent bondage, he also teaches her about new associations. Like pain with pleasure. Fear with passion. Hate with love.

It's an education neither of them will ever forget.

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First published as an online serial in 2000, then completely revised in 2003, the dueling "he said/she said" chronicles of Association have captivated thousands of readers with their unique first-person perspectives on the inner tumult and turmoil inherent in all relationships of dominance and submission.

Adrian Hunter and Chelsea Shepard are pleased to offer the complete version of Association at no charge to their readers.

You can enjoy every chapter of Association as an Adobe Acrobat e-book.